As with fruit, vegetables can make really interesting subjects: lumpy bumpy mushrooms, shiny aubergines, subtly coloured garlics and, of course, onions which despite being as round as apples are far more interesting to draw.

Both the fruit and veg have given me the chance to experiment with pastels, coloured pencils and even ballpoint pen. There's no better way of learning how something works than to give it a go.

Click on an image for enlarged detail

Garlic Trio

Garlic Trio - ballpoint pen
Red Onion Trio

Red Onion Trio - coloured pencil

Aubergine with Red Onions

Aubergine with Red Onions - coloured pencil
Lemon and Red Onions

Lemon and red onions - coloured pencil

Garlic and onions

Garlic and onions - coloured pencil
Even more mushrooms

Mushrooms 3 - coloured pencil
Misshapen peppers

Misshapen peppers - ballpoint pen

Onions and garlic

Onions and garlic - coloured pencil


Pumpkin - watercolour

Chillies - coloured pencil

Aubergine and garlic

Aubergine and garlic - pastel

Red onion and garlic

Red onion and garlic - pastel


Mushrooms 1 - coloured pencil and pastel


Garlic - coloured pencil

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