A few pieces which don't fit anywhere else.

Old tree

This old tree is in the corner of our field and bears the scars of time, weather and sheep.

What lies beneath?

I love the way this ivy appears to be just beneath the screen

Favourite shoes

Andrew's much-loved old shoes. A shoe isn't worth drawing until it's taken on the character of its owner

       Sunflowers collage

For the last couple of years, I have been a member of a local art group, where I have found the freedom to experiment with new media. I tore up a good number of magazines to achieve these.

Red tulip collage

Love this old tankard with its dent. The citrus fruits give it
a lovely warm glow. Tankard with oranges
Skye rocks
This is an experiment in pen and ink, and one of the very few works on this website drawn from a photo rather than life.
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