I love flowers

a garden filled with the sight and smell of them gives me such pleasure.

My childhood memories are of Michaelmas Daisies in an autumn garden, peony buds just before they start to open when they look like little footballs, and fieldside hedges in early summer, dripping with may blossom and dog roses.



I love watercolour paintings

for their luminosity and delicacy.

I took Art as a general subject in school but was discouraged from pursuing it as a career. Some years later, however, there came a point when my two boys no longer needed me and I found myself drawing more and more.

I knew now that this was where my direction lay. Fortunately, I was able to attend a variety of classes where we were living in Cambridgeshire and was then encouraged to join several societies in nearby Ely and Cambridge, including the Cambridge Drawing Society by election.

As I gained in confidence, I started taking part in exhibitions; I found that my work was greatly appreciated and sold well. It was purchased both by those whose interest lay in particular species of flowers, and also by those who enjoyed and appreciated my paintings for their own sake.

My focus nowadays is on selling images rather than the paintings themselves.

I am pleased that my work has created widespread interest

"The luminosity and skilled detail of her pictures bring to mind the work of eighteenth century Dutch Old Masters, not to mention the great French painter of roses, Redouté. I have no doubt that her work will be much collected."
John Kirkland, Fine Art Valuer

"This artist paints one of the most delightful watercolour paintings I have seen ... astonishingly good attention to detail"
Artist of the Month - Paintings and Prints

"Sue is a fine botanical painter"
Robert Maddison, Artist and fine art photographer

Snowdrops in Winter

Home is a 200 year old stone cottage

In 2002 I returned to my roots in North Wales and now live in a sheltered valley on the Llŷn Peninsula, which my husband Andrew and I share with Buster the cat. I can think of no better place to live than here, surrounded by the beautiful countryside which is my ancestral home. My parents and their generation were not allowed to speak Welsh - I'm now trying to rectify this in myself.

Oh, and this may be why my anemones no longer appear ...

A garden visitor
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