Over the past couple of years, I have moved away from just painting flowers in watercolour. This is partly because there are several months in the year when I have no subject matter, but also because I wanted to learn how to use other media.

I find pears pleasing to draw - apples are a bit too boringly round for me - but anything with lumps, bumps and character attracts me. I'm very happy with curves and curls - I can't do straight lines for toffee.

I tackled the apple and pear in glass more as drawing exercises than anything else, but was quite pleased with the results.

Click on an image for enlarged detail

Russet Apples

Russet Apples - coloured pencil

Forelle Pears

Forelle Pears - coloured pencil
William's Pears

William's Pears - coloured pencil


Pears - pastel
English peach

English peach - watercolour
Gala apples

Gala apples - coloured pencil

Apple in glass

Apple in glass - coloured pencil and graphite
Pear in a glass

Pear in a glass - coloured pencil

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